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The Xbox Boys Official Break-UP

Thank you so much for making us one of the most popular bands on the internet.  We were the #2 most downloaded band of 2010, and not one second of radio play or support from Microsoft!

We have had many emails of support for what we do and we read every single one of them.

However, even so, the band has decided to break up. The main reason is the lead singer wants to pursue his ministry full time. We may at some point in time make our music for free.

I want to thank all of you for the support you gave us.

The Ex Box Boys Made Quite A Scene In Downtown Kirkland Today

The Ex Box Boys made quite a scene in downtown Kirkland today as they posed for pictures during a photo shoot. Onlookers took photos and even asked for autographs from the four as they strolled through downtown Kirkland, Washington with cameramen in tow snapping away. A small crowd of maybe 30 people organized and took photos. (more…)

The EX BOX BOYS Played The 4th Of July In Kirkland

The EX BOX BOYS played the 4th of July in Kirkland to an audience of 9000 people thanks to all of our FANS!!!! You can see highlights here: (more…)

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